Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caricature for Halloween

-> Nickolas
He said, “I want “Jango fett” I said "What? What is that? “Jingle fat?” for Christmas?" He said, “No! No! he is in Starwars”

-> Wanner
He said he wanted to be a “Snack Man”, I didn’t know what that was. I just drew him as a “Spider Man.” He didn’t like that first, but later he liked it. Well. Those are both starting with “S”

-> Pearl
She likes dolphins.

-> Owen
He said he wanted to be Jesus, so I drew him and showed it to my husband.
He asked me,"HaHa, why did you draw him as a Jesus? Don't you think it is kinda sacrilegious? So I said, "Well, I don't think so! I think he want to be like Jesus and follow his commandments.”


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